About us

Launch Studio is a studio focused on still images. From Automotive / Commercial / Lifestyle photography to CGI, we juggle a multitude of disciplines in order to reflect the creative ideas of our clients.

The story of Launch Studio begins on the benches of a graphic design school in Toulouse. An encounter between two students, Julien and Sunny. For 4 years we developed our creative and technical senses around mutual passions including design and photography.

The strength of the studio lies in our duo, our cohesion, our complementarity and the passion that unites us. Thus allows us to be more effective in the field, more responsive and that offer us the opportunity to visualise different creative approaches around the same project. Our enthusiasm and our vision of the profession prompts us to explore new techniques, new thoughts and approaches to the subjects available to us every day.

Launch Studio is developing everyday and so are our skills and creativity which evolve to respond with ever more accuracy to the projects that are offered to us.